Via Erasmus+ We have the following number of places at the following partner universities: • Erasmus+ English department partners: •Cardiff in Wales (2 places for 10 months) •Cork in Ireland (2 places for 10 months) •Aberdeen in Scotland (2 places for 5 months) •Malta (3 places for 6 months) •Timiosoara in Romania (1 student for 5 months) •Klaipeda in Lithuania (2 places for 6 months) •Firenze in Italy (2 places for 6 months) As a university as a whole, we do have other partners of whom you may have heard (Newcastle, for example), but those are with other departments and would have to be applied to via them. To see our departmental application procedure, go to this page Other Options The Deutscher Akademischer Auslandsdienst (DAAD) offer support for those who wish to go abroad to study, to work, or to be a teaching assistant, among others. Go to their website for further information at or Many forms of work experience (Praktikum) abroad are often most readily available via online searches, particularly social media and are not directly coordinated by our department (though we will happily assist you in the process with forms, letters of reference, etc, where possible). A list of the Northern American partner universities that have received Rostock students: •East Tennessee State University •North Carolina State University •University of Georgia •University of Nebraska •University of Utah •University of Wyoming •University of Guelph (Canada) •University of Saskatchewan (Canada) There are also other partners in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, China, Japan, South Korea, Russia, and South Africa. For further information, visit the International House team. Applications for these should be directed to the International Office, which will deal with them (i.e. invite you for an interview and so on). The application deadline is normally around the start of November. Will I lose time from my studies? You should plan to do the mobility for the sake of your own development, but with effective planning, if you take courses close in nature and in terms of assessment to our own English department courses, you will have these recognised (see course recognition form) to supplement or replace courses you would have taken at your home department. For this reason, you should aim to leave in the winter when possible semester and not the summer semester for short-term mobilities -- within 6 months -- to ensure you can take part in the "B" modules with their accompanying assessment. You should have already studied for 1 full year and plan to leave at least a year in advance (The further you plan to travel, the more time you should plan for organising your mobility owing to visa requirements, among other factors) How much will it cost me? There are sources of financial support available. For further and detailed information please see Mr Reinecker or Ms Frau von Wedelstedt at the IH as they have the most up to date information. Please note that mobility to a non-Erasmus partner requires more self-financing. For more information, see the following link:

Study Abroad Advice for Students at the IAA

Gareth Vaughan

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ERASMUS Coordinator

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(for mobility-related questions or issues)


Important and Current Information on Mobility Programs and the application dates and procedures

Important and Current Information on Mobility Programs and the application dates and procedures

I am currently undertaking and updating our Erasmus+ application procedure in light of the Brexit circumstances. I will have more information as soon as it is available; however if you are interested in and willing to attempt a mobility, I would recommend writing to me and applying using the information from the following link:

Some good news is that we may be able to maintain some British partners despite the changes necessitated by Brexit.

Students interested in or planning to come to our English department can find information on our programs, module components, and awarding of credit points here.

General Video Overview of Outgoing Mobility options and the procedure and the accompanying PDF material

Information for Incoming Students

Information for Incoming Students


International contacts and opportunities for studying abroad

International contacts and opportunities for studying abroad

First, a few general remarks. Every student of English should spend some time in a genuinely English-speaking country – not just for the language but also for the cultural experience. You can go abroad to study or to work (as a teaching assistant or numerous other forms of work or work experience) which can aid you in your immersion in the language and culture in addition to being recognised towards your study program or your “Ausbildungsrelevanter Auslandsaufenthalt” for the LPA. Explore opportunities and find one that suits you!

The University and the English Department have cultivated exchange relations with departments and universities in Great Britain, Ireland, the USA and Canada, among many more. These relations usually comprise exchanges of both faculty and students. Unfortunately, it has always been difficult to recruit students from English-speaking countries for a year or term of study in Rostock/Germany, so every one of our students going abroad has the duty to advertise Rostock. If we do not get students to come here, too, then there is no balance and the universities will cancel the programmes.

Other possibilities can be found among programmes at the Deutscher Akademischer Auslandsdienst (DAAD) and other organizations. The following links may be of interest:

als Fremdsprachenassistenzkraft im Ausland unterrichten

If you are interested in going abroad, please ensure you have read through the Information concerning opportunities and financing provided on the RIH Website. Moreover, ensure you have read other students “Erfahrungsberichte”:

Ausbildungsrelevanter Auslandsaufenthalt

Ausbildungsrelevanter Auslandsaufenthalt

Examination registration for the summer semester 2021

The deadline for submitting proof of your stay abroad is April 15, 2021. If you were demonstrably unable to complete all or part of your stay abroad by the end of March 2021 through no fault of your own due to the pandemic, please submit a written hardship application to the LPA. In an individual case decision, you may be exempted from the stay abroad as a prerequisite for admission to the first state examination.

For further information, please contact Ms. Delf at the LPA at

According to information from the Teacher Examination Office, longer stays abroad (school year abroad, au pair year) may not have taken place more than three years ago at the start of your studies, as they are actually part of your coursework and must therefore be completed during your studies. In the case of shorter stays abroad shortly before the start of studies, the LPA decides on a case-by-case basis. Flight tickets and employment contracts must always be submitted. In case of doubt, you are advised to contact the Teacher Examination Office (Ms. Delf; Tel. 498-5950).

There are the following options:

1. studies at a college or university

2. work as a language assistant

3. internship abroad [PRAKTIKUMSORDNUNGS-PDF]

4. language courses in an English-speaking country

5. au pair activity (before or during studies); school attendance in an English-speaking country (6 months or more)

6. work in an English-speaking country

Dr. Bowen will check the proof of training-related stays abroad for English teacher training students.

The form for proof of further foreign languages and stays abroad can be found here:


The following are recognized as English-speaking countries

- Australia

- Great Britain

- Ireland

- Canada

- Malta

- New Zealand

- South Africa