How should I apply for an Erasmus+ mobility?
The process for Erasmus+ mobility is as follows

Apply with Mr Vaughan (mobility.iaauni-rostockde) with the following information by the 11th of November:



Nationality: German

Matriculation Number:


Date of birth:

Field(s) of Study:

1st, 2nd and 3rd choices (if you have such preferences at this time):

Students will then be registered and interviewed near the end of November (a definitive list of dates/times will be emailed and a list put up outside my office, and a list of all the names is passed around all the instructors in the English department to receive recommendations (or perhaps in some cases the very opposite), and then the announcements are made in December for the following year.

What do I have to do if I my application is successful?

If you are nominated for an Erasmus+ place, follow the following guidelines:

Approximately 8-12 months prior to leaving

  1. Ensure you follow the host university’s internal procedures and deadlines when they have been informed of your official nomination from your department coordinator.
  2. Investigate and organise any required insurance(s).

Approximately 2 months prior to leaving

  1. Complete and submit the “Annahmeerklärung” form to the IH once it has been signed and stamped by the department coordinator.
  2. Complete the Erasmus+ online language test. This requires login information that will be provided to you by your outgoing IH coordinator (Herr Reinecker).
  3. Complete the “Learning Agreement for Studies (section before the mobility)” form. This should outline the courses you intend to take at the host institution in addition to if and how they will be accredited at Rostock when you return (download the “Accreditation Recognition” form for support). Once complete both you home institute and host institute coordinators should sign this form and you should keep a copy and submit one to both the IH and you home institute coordinator.

Once abroad

  1. Have a starting confirmation form (Anfangsbestätigung) filled out and signed from the host institute. Then send this to the IH in Rostock. When both this form and the “Learning Agreement for Studies (section before the mobility)” forms have been submitted satisfactorily to the IH, your Erasmus+ funding will be transferred.
  2. If any changes to your program at the host university take place, document any such changes as soon as possible in the “Learning Agreement for Studies (Section during the mobility)” form. This then has to be approved, signed, and stamped by both the host institute and home institute coordinators; following that, send a copy to the IH.

Final Steps and When back in Rostock

  1. Complete and have the “Endbestätigung” form signed by the host institute coordinator and submit this to the IH.
  2. Complete the “online language test” for after the mobility.
  3. Obtain a “Transcript of Records” form from the host institute and submit a copy to the IH and your department coordinator.
  4. Fill out a “Transcript of Records” form from your home department in Rostock which outlines and accredits your results and ECTS points from your time abroad.
  5. Complete an “Erfahrungsbericht” and submit this to the IH and your department coordinator.