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wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin in der Nordamerikanischen Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaft

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Andrea Zittlau is a lecturer and postdoctoral researcher in North American Studies at the University of Rostock. Her doctoral thesis focused on ethnographic museums and theories of display treating exhibitions as haunting performances. She continues to explore performance in all its aspects but particularly as a method in research and learning/teaching. She has worked with and about performance artists such as the group La Pocha Nostra, Erica Mott, and Natalie Brewster Ngyuen. Andrea’s current work focusses on community outreach and the role of poetry in special movements and activist contexts. Her publications include the edited volume (with Anna Kerchy) Exploring the Cultural History of Continental European Freakshows and Enfreakment (2012) and the monograph Curious Exotica (Ink on Paper) (2015). From her work with the incarcerated, the elderly and other disadvantaged communities frequently derive publications of creative texts of different Genres.




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(Co)Organized Conferences and Workshops

(Co)Organized Conferences and Workshops

  • “The Prison as Counter/Public.” (mit Dr. Birte Christ) Workshop Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Amerikastudien. Berlin, 24.-27.5.2018

  • Aktionstage gegen Sexismen November Rostock 2017

  • “Transnational Performance in Practice.” Workshop des DFG Netzwerkes Cultural Performance in Transnational American Studies. 01.-03.12.2016   
  • Aktionstage “gesellschaft macht geschlecht” – Aktionstage gegen Sexismus, Homo-, Trans*-, Inter*- und Biphobie 01.-30.11.2015 Rostock

  • Aktionstage “gesellschaft macht geschlecht” – Aktionstage gegen Sexismus, Homo-, Trans*-, Inter*- und Biphobie 06.-25.11.2015 Rostock
  • Conference “Chaos in the Contact Zone. Unpredictability, Improvisation and the Struggle for Control” 31.08.-02.09.2015
    Graduiertenkolleg Kulturkontakt und Wissenschaftsdiskurs, Rostock University 
  • Audre Lorde Event “Poetry is not a luxury” 7.7.-11.7.2014, Rostock
  • Performance Art Workshop “Courage School” 10.06.-12.06.2014 (mit Natalie Brewster Nguyen), Rostock University
  • Workshop “Travelling Concepts and Cultural Encounters.” 31.05.-01.06.2013
    Graduiertenkolleg Kulturkontakt und Wissenschaftsdiskurs, Rostock University
  • Workshop “Exhibiting American Lives. The Poetics and Politics of (Re-)Presentation.” Jahrestagung der DGfA “American Lives,” Mainz, 31.5.-3.6.2012 (with Pia Wiegmink)
  • Workshop “Greetings from Gringolandia: Tourism, Travel and Transnational Transformation.” Jahrestagung der DGfA “Transnational American Studies,” Regensburg 16.-19. June 2011 (with Juliane Schwarz-Bierschenk)
  • International conference “Sport and Literature,” Rostock University, 13-15 Jan. 2011 (with Christian Schmitt-Kilb)
Invited Talks and Responses

Invited Talks and Responses

“The Transnational Dimensions of Canadian Experimental Film: Franci Duran, Alyson Mitchell and Gariné Torossian” Vorlesung “Canada at 150” Rostock, 8.12.2017.

“Unasked Questions. De-Americanizing Freakery” Keynote Lecture. Conference “Staged Otherness. Human Oddities in Central and Eastern Europe. 1850-1939,” Warsaw, 25.-27.10.2017.

“Walking in Darkness – On Performance Art and Attentiveness” Interdisciplinary Queer Feminist Lecture Series: Performance-Praxis-Körper (November 2016, Rostock).

“The Transnational Dimensions of Canadian Experimental Film: Franci Duran, Alyson Mitchell and Gariné Torossian” Vorlesung “Canada at 150” Rostock, 8.12.2017.

“Unasked Questions. De-Americanizing Freakery” Keynote Lecture. Conference “Staged Otherness. Human Oddities in Central and Eastern Europe. 1850-1939,” Warsaw, 25.-27.10.2017.

Dust on Dust:Performing Selk’nam Visions, Tracing Absent Bodies.” Conference: Missing Memorials, Absent Bodies. Negotiating Post-conflict Trauma and Memorialization. 20.-21.9.2016 NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Amsterdam.

“Queer Activism in Germany” The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 3.2.2015.

“Migration, Labor, and Catastrophe. Erica Mott’s techno-opera 3 Singers and the voice of the activist.” 17.6.2015, Universität Wuppertal.

“The Ethnographic Object” Art Department, Scripps College, Claremont, USA. 12.3.2014.

“Ethnographic Museums and ‘Multiculturalism’ in Germany.” Department for Political Sciences, Scripps College, Calremont, USA, 11.3.2014. 

“The Representation of Native America in German Museums” Tourism Studies Working Group, Berkeley, USA, 21.2.2014.

“The Indian on Display. Native Americans and Museums: A Transnational Perspective,” Erlangen, Nordamerika Kolloquium “Transnational American Studies,” 05 July 2012.

Response to Rosemarie Garland Thomson, Bodies in Movement Seminar Series, University of Edinburgh, 14 June 2012.

“The Freakshow. Representations of Extraordinary Bodies in the 19th Century,” Making America Lecture Series, 03.05.2012, Bamberg.

Papers (selection)

Papers (selection)

„Jenny Lind. Of Lost Voices, the Archives and theFreak Show.“ 14th ESSE Conference. Brno, Czech Republic, 29.08.-02.09.2018.

How to Listen. Collecting the Voices of Incarcerated Women. (with Jayne Thompson). Annual conference of the German Association of American Studies. “American Counter/Publics”, Berlin, 24.-27.5.2018. 

“Everything will be okay”: Prison Wives' Forms of Resistance in an Era of Mass Incarceration“ Conference of the European Association of American Studies, ”Environment, Place and Protest“, London, April 4-8 2018.

“Eco-Curious, Eco-Sensual, Eco-Sexual: Annie Sprinkle's and Beth Stephen's Environmental Concern” Workshop “Environment meets Performance,” Regensburg, 28.-29.09.2017.

“In conversation with Frantz Fanon” Exentrico. Encuentro of the Hemispheric Institue of Performance and Politics. 17.-24. July 2016, Santiago de Chile.

“The Power of Poetic Souls. Prison Poetry and Activism” Annual Meeting of the German Association of American Studies The United States and the Question of Rights. 19.-22. May 2016, Osnabrück, Germany.

“Prison of the Past: How to Commemorate the GDR Secret Police and its Strategies of Incarceration.” 30.09.2015, Widener University, PA.

“Performing Genre – Possibilities and Constraints of a Text” Annual Workshop of the Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis: Politics of Attachment. 25.-27.3.2015, Amsterdam.  

“Brain Capacity and Psychological Racism in Nineteenth-century America.” Annual Workshop of the Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis: Brains, Maps, and Rhythms. Knowledge and Experience in (Bio)political Orders. 16.-18.4.2014, Amsterdam.

“Collecting the Ghosts of Soldiers. The National Museum of Health and Medicine and its Civil War Past.” Biannual Meeting of the European Association of American Studies, America: Justice, Conflict, War. The Hague; Netherlands, 3.4.-6.4.2014.

“The Ethnographic Void.” University of California, Santa Cruz, 28.2.2014.

“W.E.B. Du Bois and Medicine. Science, Literature and the Culture of Dissent.” Annual Meeting of the American Studies Association, Beyond the Logic of Debt, Toward an Ethics of Collective Dissent. Washington, DC, 21.-24.11.2013.

“A Haunting Presence—Museums and Strategies of Display.” Global Spectralities Seminar, Amsterdam, 23.-24.9.2013.

“Painted Black. Eugenics and the issue of race in a transatlantic perspective.” 24th International Congress of History of Science, Technology and Medicine. 21.-28.7.2013, Manchester, UK.

“Becoming White. Skin Diseases and the Black Body in the nineteenth century” Somatechnics International Conference Missing Links: The Somatechnics of Decolonization, Linköping, Schweden, 17.-19.6.2013.

“White People on Display. The Poetics and Politics of nineteenth-century Freakshow Photography” Probing the Skin. Cultural Representations of Our Contact Zone, Jena, 24.4.-26.4.2013.

“The Ethnographic Void” Annual Workshop of the Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis Dislocating Agency, Moving Objects, Amsterdam, 17.-19.4.2013.

Always Becoming. Enacting Indigenous Identity on a Museum Stage” Recasting Commodity and Spectacle in the Indigenous Americas, London, 22-23 November 2012.

“The Lost Voices: The Museum as Heterotopia” The Experience of Cohabited Space. Representations of contested Areas in Text, cincema and Sound, 1920-1950. Rostock, 15 July 2012.

“The Medical Gaze. The Image, Medicine, and Disability in 19th Century America” Sensualizing Deformity, Edinburgh, UK, 15 June 2012. 

“The Uncanny Body. Freud, Aesthetic Categories and 19th Century Body Politics” Seminar Series Sensible Flesh, King’s College, 16.04.2012, London.

“What’s in a name? The Cultural Center and the Museum” 33rd American Indian Workshop, April 12-15, 2012,  Zurich, Switzerland.

“The Horror of Medicine. Stephen King’s Kingdom Hospital and the Medical Grotesque” Conference of the European Association of American Studies,  30.3.- 02.04.2012, Izmir, Turkey.

“Haunted. Museums and Metadiscourses” Annual Workshop of the Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis, March 28-30, 2012, Amsterdam.

“The Eyewitness” International Society for Cultural History annual conference: “History – Memory – Myth. Re-presenting the Past,” August 03-06, 2011, Oslo, Norway.

“The Dirty Work – Theft and the Birth of Anthropology,” 57th Annual Convention of the German Association for American Studies “American Economies,” May 27-30, 2010, Berlin.

“The Thanksgiving Myth: Teaching Native American Culture in a Museum Context,” 31rst American Indian Workshop: “Transformation, Translation, Transgression: Native American Culture in Contact and Context,” March 25-28, 2010, Prague, Czech Republic.

“A Grieving Tourist – Museums that make us Suffer,” Annual International Workshop of the Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis: “Articulations,” March 22-24, 2010, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

“Im Namen des Großvaters – familiäre Bindungen in Jonathan Safran Foers Romanen,” 2. Interdisziplinäres Kolloquium der Arbeitsgruppe Gender-Forschung: “Gender, Generation, Aging,” November 26-28, 2009, Rostock, Germany.

“The Master of Illusion. P. T. Barnum’s American Museum as an Archive of Popular Stories,” Salzburg Annual Confernece in English Literature and Culture: “Museum Narratives,” November 5-8, 2009 Salzburg, Austria.

“The National Museum of the American Indian and its Performance Approach to the Exhibition of Cultures,” 28th American Indian Workshop: “Premiéres Nations, Collections Royales,” May 10-13, 2007, Paris, France.

Good Night and Good Luck – A Film Discourse on the McCarthy Era and Beyond,” 8th International Tartu Conference on North-American Studies: “A Return of History?” April 26-28, 2007, Tartu, Estonia.

“The National Museum of the American Indian. A Postmodern Identity Crisis?” Austrian Association for American Studies Conference: “Native Americans and First Nations – A Transnational Challenge,” November 16-19 2006, Vienna, Austria.

“The National Museum of the American Indian. How Objects Represent Culture,” Postgraduate Forum der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Amerikastudien, November 3-5, 2006, Chemnitz, Germany.

“The Great White Shark – Moby Dick Reborn,” Studenten- Symposium: “Melville’s Moby Dick,” July 2004, Rostock.

“Depersonalization in Modern Film Scripts,” Symposium: “Language, People, (De)personalization,” November 2003, Rostock. 

Taught Classes

Taught Classes

WS 2019/20
Grundkurs Literatur: Einführung in die britische und amerikanische Literaturwissenschaft        
Proseminar Literatur: 19th century American Poetry: Walt Whitman       
Proseminar Kultur: Medicine and American Culture: An Introduction        
Hauptseminar Kultur: Living in the Anthropocene. Theories and Discussions           

SS 2019
Proseminar Literatur: The Poetry of Muriel Rukeyser
Proseminar Kultur: American Concepts of Outer Space
Hauptseminar Kultur: Documenting American Wars

WS 2018/19
Proseminar Literatur: Contemporary Testimony Plays
Proseminar Kultur: A Cultural Analysis of Toys

SS 2018
Proseminar Kultur: The Im/migrant and America: An Overview in Fragments

WS 2017/18
Proseminar Kultur: Constructions of Old Age in the United States

SoSe 2017
Proseminar Kultur: Democracy in America

WS 2016/17
Proseminar Kultur: Black America: An Introduction

SoSe 2016
Proseminar Kultur: American Archives

WS 2015/16
Proseminar Kultur: Performance/Art and U.S. Culture

SoSe 2015
Proseminar Kultur: Prisoners and Prisons in the U.S.

WS 2014/15
Proseminar Kultur: An Introduction to American Creative Non-fiction

SoSe 2014
Proseminar Kultur: Black Intellectuals

WS 2013/14
The Concept of Insantiy in 19th century America

SoSe 2013
American (Cyber)Punk Literature  

WS 2012/2013:
“Pain and Suffering in American Culture”

SoSe 2012:
“Introduction to North American Indigenous Film”

WS 2011/2012
“Consumerism and (Mis)Fortune in American Novels at the Turn of the Century”
"Land of  Desire. Consumerism and Culture in the United States"

SoSe 2010
 “The Representation of the American Indian”

SoSe 2009
“New York in Literary Texts”; “Sport in American Society” (with Pierre Gottschlich, Internationale Politik)

WS 2008/09
“American Photography – A Cultural Studies Perspective”; “Die Präsidentschaftswahl in den USA 2008” (with Pierre Gottschlich, Internationale Politik)

SoSe 2007
“Museums and Their Collections”; “E Pluribus Unum? Aspects of American Society and Culture” (with Pierre Gottschlich, Internationale Politik)

WS 2006/07
 “The Age of McCarthyism” (with Pierre Gottschlich, Internationale Politik)

SoSe 2006
“The Creation of Myth. The Lewis and Clark Expedition and Sacagawea”

WS 2005/06 
“America and the Holocaust. History in Public Discourse”