Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies is an academic field that analyses and interprets various aspects of contemporary (British and American) culture. Depending on the material and objective of study, it uses methods and theories drawn from several related disciplines, including sociology, semiotics, history and literary studies. It is based on a broad concept of culture and includes the study of media, audiences, subcultures, popular culture and gender issues, to name but a few. Our approach is problem-oriented, highlighting the complexity and interrelatedness of social-cultural phenomena and their social construction.

Specific areas of study focus on

  • political movements and institutions, including their historical dimensions
  • understanding self and other in terms of national and ethnic identity, social classes, and other cultural groups
  • conflicts emerging from social and cultural processes, including the struggle for power and access to resources
  • analyses of media, especially films, print and digital media
  • comparisons between relevant aspects of the students’ own culture(s) with those of the countries being studied

Instructions for Preparing and Formatting Research Papers (Cultural Studies)

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