Alexander Bräuer





I am currently working on my PhD-project on the colonial encounter between Aboriginal people and white settlers in Western Australia during the 1840s and 1850s at the graduate school "Cultural Encounters and the Discourses of Scholarship" at the University of Rostock. Here, I am especially fascinated by the interplay between space and colonialism. I have studied Anglo-American History in Cologne and worked for a short period on a project about settler imperialism in Australia and North America. Therefore my work in the DFG project "Constructions of American Antiquity" allows me to combine theoretical interests with my fascination for American history.


Research interests

British Colonial History

Settler Colonialism

Spatial theory

Historical GIS


Curriculum Vitae

since 10/2015

11/2014 - 5/2015

5/2013 - 9/2016

11/2012 - 4/2013

2009 - 2010

2005 - 2012

2004 - 2012
Research assistant at the project "Constructions of North American Antiquity in Colonial and Postcolonial Contexts" at the University Rostock (financed by the DFG)

Archival research in Australia (DAAD Scholarship)

PhD Scholarship at the graduate school "Cultural Encounter and the Discourses of Scholarship", University Rostock (financed by the DFG)
project: "The middle ground: Cultural encounters in Western Australia"

Research assistant at the project "Settler Imperialism: Northwest Territories and New South Wales, 1785-1853" at the University Trier (financed by the DFG)

Student assistant at the project "Koloniale Repräsentationen auf deutschen Bildpostkarten 1870-1930" at the University of Cologne (financed by the DFG)

Member of the Students‘ Council of Anglo-American History; co-organizer of the lecture series „Colonialism and Beyond“ (2008-2011)

Studies at the University of Cologne (Anglo-American History, medieval and modern history, geography)