First (Study)-Aid

For better orientation in your studies, we have collected a couple of documents with useful information for you. 


Basic Information for Beginners

This document provides you with useful abbreviations, basic rules for e-mail communication and academic writing. 

• Erste Hilfe für Studienanfänger


Foreign Language Regulation and Obligatory Stay Abroad

You have to know more languages than just English and you have to spend time in an English-speaking country. This documents tells you exactly what you need to know about that.

• Regelung für das Fremdsprachenerlernen 

You can learn these languages in the Sprachenzentrum and you can check them out on their website

As it is an obligatory course you can request an application for exemption from course fees, further information can be found here.


Exam Procedure (New Lehramt)

For our new Lehramt students this might be very helpful. It is a step-by-step explanation of your exam procedure. Read it. It's very useful and answers a lot of questions:

• Ablauf einer Modulprüfung


Internship (Bachelor)

Bachelor students have to do an internship. This document explains the necessary procedures:

• Ablauf des Praktikums 


Bachelor Thesis

Here you can find information regarding everything you need to pay attention to when writing your Bachelor thesis:

• Anfertigung der Bachelorarbeit  


Term Paper FAQs

We always get a lot of questions regarding term papers and we know that academic writing can be difficult. We collected those questions in this document. There are many questions and maybe some that you didn't even think of. It's worth a read:

• Frequently Asked Questions 


Presentation Kit

We have one more thing. If you want to do a presentation and need material, like pens, markers, magnets, glue sticks, moderation cards, scissors, moderation bell, stapler and what not, this presentation kit has everything in one box. It's really great if you want to do interactive and exciting presentations.

You can fetch it in Ms Lübbe's office.